List from my SOTA activation

Summits On The Air (SOTA) is called translates roughly as „the Summit on the
air.“ It is an amateur diploma program. His goal is to promote radio
operation on mountain peaks. Licensed amateur radio operators to
combine this mountain walking and mountaineering in the operation of
portable transmitting and receiving equipment and antennas on the tops.
Those who run their system on a summit, are activators (English
Activators) and those of other sites try to establish radio links with
them, hunters (English Chasers). Therefore, there are two types of
diplomas that can be drawn: for activators and for hunters. This points
to connect wirelessly or by peaks from peaks to be assigned. The higher
the peak, the higher the score. Frequency bands and modes to play in
the awarding of points do not matter. SOTA program was founded in March
2002 by radio amateurs in England and Wales. As of October 2007 there
SOTA associations in the following countries, so that radio amateurs
can participate in it at the SOTA program: Germany (two associations:
German Mountain and German Alps), France, Greece, Ireland, Austria,
Switzerland, South Africa, Czech Republic , Hungary, Belgium and United
States and the United Kingdom